Goliath gives you best views of all the action: New Jersey inventor unveils high-rise sports chair for sports fans

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October 22, 2020


Goliath gives you best views of all the action

New Jersey inventor unveils high-rise sports chair for sports fans

The days of having a bad seat at a sporting event or concert is now a thing of the past, thanks to an inventor from Toms River, New Jersey.

You see, Bill Xiques has just unveiled a new and innovative product that will ensure you have the best view above the average outdoor chair and way above the average spectator.

Called Goliath, this high-rise sports chair will finally free people of the height challenges that most outdoor chairs cause, and this product will certainly revolutionize how people watch sporting events, and even outdoor concerts too.

Xiques has an interesting story to tell with how he developed this one-of-a-kind sports chair.

He is a US Army Veteran and served our country during Operation Desert Storm. He was seriously injured while in the line-of-duty, and was awarded a Purple Heart, the oldest and most decorated military medal. To this very day he still suffers from all sorts of pain from his war injury, and standing for long periods of time is extremely difficult.

Over the years, the father of five has spent many days and nights cheering on his kids in sports, including his two sons who are competitive bowlers.

“My motivation for designing the high-rise sports chair is simple: I have spent much of my adult life at various sporting events for children and young athletes,” explains Xiques. “Seating with visibility issues is such a common problem at outdoor events where there are no bleachers. However, the seating challenges at bowling matches and tournaments for my two sons actually sparked the innovation of this chair. I had to find a solution so that I didn’t have to stand and suffer.”

Being innovative, Xiques brought a step ladder to one bowling match, and he sat on the top to watch his sons in action. While he had a nice view, it became uncomfortable after a little while. So, one day, while working in the garage, he decided to attach a sports stadium seat to a step ladder, and the actual concept for his high-rise sports chair was born.

“My wife is a very smart woman and very well educated, and I remember she came out to see what I was up to in the garage. I showed her my prototype and she laughed her head off. Sure enough, she looked closer at it and thought about it for a bit longer, and then she turned to me and said, ‘Bill, honey, I think you’ve got something big going on here.’ Then I showed my neighbors and friends and they all said to me, ‘Wow, this high-rise sports chair is totally an amazing idea.”

The process of developing different prototypes was long and tough, but in the end rewarding.

“Everyone seems very impressed with my new high-rise chair and people keep telling me that it’s going to be a huge success story on the market, which is really exciting news for me,” he says.

Goliath includes a comfortable seat cushion for the best support, folds for easy transportation, and easily extends to the height of your liking (up to 60 inches/5-feet). This high-rise sports chair, which can hold up to 500 pounds but is still lightweight, allows anyone to capture those video and photo moments without someone else’s head blocking all the action. And, it gives people with knee, hip, or back issues the ability to comfortably watch sports events they wouldn’t normally be able to watch from a low chair.

Xiques says his product also has other applications. “Goliath is ideal for lifeguards at hotels and resorts, little-league baseball games and tournaments, and even fishing – heck the list is endless,” he laughs. “Once you try this product out, you will never leave home without it.”

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