Thwart off the flies and sneezers with Topped: New device doubles as serving spoon and food tray – all in one!

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 23, 2020 – Picnic enthusiasts and buffet fanatics all share one thing in common: they love their food.

And so does Ernest Delrosario – an entrepreneur from the San Francisco Bay Area. He really enjoys food-outings at the park, beach, and in backyards, as well as at restaurants that serve all-you-can-eat-dishes at the right price.

However, Delrosario is like the rest of us food nuts who see open trays of food at an outdoor event, or establishment with lots of people. What about the flies getting on it? What about the germs on it from people sneezing?

Lost your appetite yet?

Don’t despair.

This California entrepreneur is now “serving” up a new, must-have invention.

Meet Topped (officially called Topped Products), which is an all-in-one food tray that comes with a lid and serving spoon.

Topped is so easy to use: all you need to do is just lift off the lid and start putting food on plates with the attached spoon. The tray and lid are sealed solid tight, so you never have to worry about the flies and sneezers spoiling the party.

“Every time I hosted parties, I hated seeing all the flies around the food, and people sneezing near it, so one day I went out to find a tray that would keep the food fresh and free of germs,” he says. “But what I quickly realized was that I was out looking for a product that didn’t exist, and that’s what made me design my own.”

The concept for Topped was born in the summer of 2013 when Delrosario made his first prototype out of cardboard. Six years and countless prototypes later, his new invention is now available for consumers in the USA and around the world.

“I definitely see everyone using it,” he says. “Those who have already used my food tray all keep saying the same thing to me over and over: ‘this just has to be on the market.’”

He adds, “This is an exciting venture, and I am very confident that it will be a huge success.”

Topped is a first-of-its kind food tray, so pre-order yours today at and never worry about the flies and sneezers again.

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